Posted by: autismland | January 24, 2007

Hugg! (#583)

This is Charlie’s new word.
Racing back and forth whump onto my bed and jump onto the couch he stops short.


On the highway as I’m switching lanes, Charlie sitting up straight with his legs tucked under him, Sweet & Dandy playing.


For “hugg” (1) I hop up and hurry over to wrap my arms very loosely around him, as that’s about as much hug as Charlie lets me do. For “hugg” (2) I smile in the dark and say “Hey, thanks!”

Back home in the kitchen where Charlie has put down his big blue fleece blanket in a certain-shaped rivulet on the linoleum, as I’m packing his lunchbox.


Plus a big grin.

Because “hugg” in Charlese means more, maybe even something beside, the dictionary definition. It means look at me. It means I want some attention, now! It means hug (on Charlie’s terms, Charlie himself preferring still to deliver backwards arms-free hugs).

I think (I’m kind of partial on this, being a mom and all) it may possibly mean “I love you,” just a bit.

Whatever it means (and I’ll warrant that Charlie attaches even more connotations to this one word, just as “hummus” seems to have acquired the larger sense of “sauce or condiment from a container”), I am ever glad to hear “hugg” said, in Charlie’s own voice, bright and clear.



Simple words come with the biggest meanings.



  1. ” Mom!


    “Simple words come with the biggest meanings.”

    They certainly do Kristina!

    And.. Don’t cha feel ….sooo lucky eh?

    Lucky to have such a beautiful boy like Charlie!

    Yeah… I know I feel so fortunate to have my little boy.

    His beaming smile.

    His ..absolute joy in the simplest of things..

    Playing together in his cubby house.

    Jumping and laughing together on his trampoline!

    Ah yes..

    A paddle in the ocean..

    Such simple pleasures..

    Sunlight streams on the river stones.

    From high above, the river steadily

    Three thousand feet of sparkling water..

    The milky way pouring down from heaven.

    Li Po

  2. I’m envious Kristina! It’s been a while since Leo has spontaneously wanted big hugs (other than the traditional good night). He’s been very into Dad, and I’m on the outs these days…Something to relish for sure!

  3. Sounds like an early Valentines Day present to me!

  4. This post made me smile! Just like my little girl, whose “hug” is said loudly with the accent on the “g” – her “hug” also means “hold me,” “engage me,” or “I’m-sorry-don’t-be-mad-at-me!” And if it is said gently, slooooowly, with a bit of a sigh, I just KNOW it means “I love you.”

  5. Oh Kristina, so happy for your hugg!!!! What a beautiful gift that Charlie could give you!!!! Happy early Valentines!!!

  6. Yay!

    Sam was apparently running around and saying “cookie” repeatedly last night. Not sure that it was actually connected with cookies (but he ate some of those, gluten-free ginger snaps), but he was running around saying a word his siblings like to say (because they connect it with actually being handed something yummy, usually a cereal bar for them).

    I’d left them with a sitter to go out to a play I turned out to be too sick to go to, and gave my ticket to a friend and did some quick and necessary shopping instead. (Everyone’s got some sort of crud around here — there are a couple of nasty colds going around, and allergies on top of that for some folks, which is making for a fair bit of misery among my friends this week. Not saying this to complain, just to state how things are in the Austin area for a number of people. Complaining is saved for things that people can actually DO something about.)

  7. yay! i LOVE that! hugg!! oh, kristina, charlie is getting so much better are communicating his needs, wants, and feelings! a spontaneous i love you inside that hugg! of course, a mother knows! but also, i imagine anyone else really listening would know too.

  8. Congratulations on both the speaking of the word hug and the actual receiving of those wonderful hugs.

    Edith doesn’t say the word. Her hugs are usually ones that are started with her sprinting toward me, hugging me and sniffing me, (she seems to have a sense of smell that is perhaps stronger than usual).

    Whenever I pick her up from school the hug I get is accompanied by “Daddeeeee!”, and me catching her as she slams into me. She can just about knock me down now and she is 5 years old and weighs around 50 lbs. I would guess that as she gets older and bigger, I may be in for some serious floor time! [ And I don’t mean the floor time method of “treating Autism”.]

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